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Video Gear on Sale

Find Video FIeld Monitors/Recorders on sale here

Find Drone Accessories on sale here

Tangent Ripple Colour Correction Panel - Reg $499 Sale $429 - limited stock

Seven Oak Shoulder Rigs on Sale!!

FUJINON PROMO - Get 0% Financing for 24 Months!! Contact us for details. Offer expires Dec 31st!

CANON CINEMA EOS PROMO - Get 0% Financing for 3 years on any Canon Cinema EOS Camera!! Contact us for details. Offer expires Oct 31!

CANON LENS PROMO - Buy Canon Cinema lenses, and get 0% Financing for 3 Years! Contact us for details. Offer expires Oct 31.

DVX100 Series Lens Adapters - Bundle of 4 Display Models on Sale - $99
* Century Optics Fisheye
* Century Optics .7x Zoom through
* Century .6x Non-Zoom Through
* 16x9 1.5x TelePhoto

Batteries & Power Accessories

Switronix PowerBase 70 Regulator Block for Panasonic AG-AF100 & HMC Cameras - Open Box $69

Canon BP-2L24H - $139 - Open Box $99
2400 mAH battery for Canon HV40/30, HG10, DC410/330, DC310/320/330, DC410/420.


Manfrotto 175F-1 Justin Spring Clamp with Accessory Shoe - $75 - Display Model on Sale $25


iKan Beholder MS1 - $799 - Display Model on Sale $499

DSLR Viewfinders, EVFs

Kinotehnik LCDVF DSLR Loupes 169D - Display Model on Sale $79
Compatible with Sony a6000/Sony a6300/Sony a6500 and selected Panasonic cameras.

Kinotehnik LCDVF DSLR Loupes LCDVF 4N - Display Model on Sale $79
Compatible with Nikon D800/D810.

Baseplates/Follow Focus

IndiPro IndiBase - Reg $129 - Display Model on Sale $99

D/Focus v4 Follow Focus - $249 - Display Model on Sale $169
Follow Focus for 15mm Rod Systems
Standard 32 pitch (0.8 mod) Drive Gear
Machined Aluminum Rod Clamp
Reversible "Open Gearbox" Design
Plastic Teeth Over an Aluminum Hub
Industry Standard Accessory Port
Removable Marking Disc
Includes Universal Lens Gear
Made in the U.S.A.

TIlta 15mm Lightweight Baseplate + LSW Dovetail Plate BS-T05-01 - $779 - DEMO $399

Camera Cages

Wooden Camera BMC Kit (Advanced) - Reg $1249 DISPLAY MODEL $599
Includes Camera Cage (BMC) for accessory mounting and rigging, Mini Baseplate (BMC) for lightweight 15mm rod support at correct lens height, NATO Handle Kit (Cheese) for quick release top handle, two 15mm support rods, and Rod Clamp (15mm LW) for mounting external battery systems or other accessories. For Cinema Cameras/Cinema 4K.

Tripods & Monopods

Find Tripods and Monopods on sale here

Go Pro Accessories

Polar Pro GoPro Backpack StrapMount - Reg $40 Sale $25 - limited stock

Lume Cube Mounting Bar for GoPro - Reg $53 Sale $29 - limited stock

Smartphone accessories on sale

Joby Accessories on Sale


Find more Blackmagic video products on sale here

Rail Accessories

Shape Off Set Rail Bloc - Reg $129 - Display Model on Sale $99

Ikan Elements Go Pro Rail Mount A - Reg $32 Sale $15

Ikan Go Pro 15mm Rail Mount (ELE-GP15-B) - $32 Sale $15