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Updated Apr 19/20

Teradek Parts


Teradek (11-0810) Sony/Canon Dual Direct Mount Battery Adapter Plate - $135 - in stock
This Battery Plate mounts directly onto any Bolt Transmitter and MOST Receivers. It is compatible with:
• Bolt 1000/3000 XT Transmitters
• Bolt 500 XT Transmitters and Receivers
• Bolt XT Sidekick
• All Bolt LT Models
Please Note: This battery plate will not work on Bolt 1000/3000 XT Receivers.

Teradek (11-0057) 18w 2-Pin LEMO AC Power Supply - $call for pricing - special order

Bolt 1000 LT and 500 XT RX Gold/V-Mount Battery Plate - $259 - in stock
This Single (Female) Battery Plate from Teradek allows you to secure a V-Mount battery directly to Teradek Bolt 1000 LT, Sidekick XT and 500 XT Receivers and provide power internally. Machine Anondized, with 2 P-Tap outputs can provide power for additional accessories.
Part number: 11-0812


Teradek (11-0022) Replacement Wireless Antenna for Bolt Pro 2000 Receiver - $15 - in stock
Also works with 3000 RX.

Teradek (11-0021) Replacement Wireless Antenna for Bolt Pro 2000/3000 Transmitter - $40 - in stock

Teradek (11-0024) Replacement Wireless Antenna for Bolt Pro 600 TX/RX Transmitter - $TBA - more in soon

Also works with Bolt 500 and Bolt 703 monitors.

SmallRig 1994 Teradek Bolt Wireless Transmitter Cage - - no longer available
SmallRig Wireless Transmitter Cage 1994 is a cage exclusively designed for Teradek Bolt 500/1000/3000.


Paralinx Battery Plates for ACE SDI (works with either Rx or Tx, each unit requires power):
ACE Sony L Plate (Sony NP-F Batteries / L Series) - no longer available
(11-1272-1) Power your Paralinx Receiver or Transmitter with Sony "L" Batteries. The SDI units have a Lemo power connector, so these only work with the Paralinx ACE SDI units, and you can't use them on the HDMI units, because they have a barrel power connector.