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Updated May 8/20

Nest Video Tripods


Nest NT-777 Video Tripod - $159 - in stock
The Nest NT-777 fluid head tripod has a 360 degree pan range for uninterrupted shooting. The bowl mounted fluid head allows the tripod head to be set to level while shooting on an uneven surface. The ergonomic leg adjustments gives you a quick easy tripod height adjustment with strong locking. The 1.8m operating height makes for a useful operating height when you need to shoot over the top of a crowd. The mid-level spreader on this tripod provides extra stability, and the rubber feet prevent sliding on floorboards and smooth surfaces. Carrying case is included. 1 year Canadian warranty.

Maximum height: 5'10"/ 180 cm
Folded length: 34"/87 cm
Kit Weight: 7 lbs/3.2 kg
Max Load Capacity: 11 lbs/5kg - Note these are the manufacturer's specs. 6 lbs is probably a more realistic max load.

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