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Atomos Accessories

Atomos Accessory Kit 7" - $339 - special order
(ACCKT1) Full accessory kit to add to purchases of Shogun Inferno (Travel Case), Ninja Inferno (Travel Case), Shogun Flame (Travel Case), or Ninja Flame (Travel Case). Sunhood not compatible with Shogun 7.
Full Accessory Kit includes:

  • HPRC hard flight case
  • Control cable
  • 2 x 5200mAh battery
  • Fast battery charger
  • USB docking station
  • DC to D-Tap cable
  • 4x Master Caddy II Cases
  • Power Supply
  • HDR Sunhood for Shogun Inferno/Flame and Ninja Inferno/Flame. Not compatible with Shogun 7.

Atomos Accessory Kit Shogun 7 - $399 - in stock
(ACCKT3) Full accessory kit for your Shogun 7. Comes with a hard flight case, control cable, 5200mAh NP-F750 batteries x 2, Fast charger, USB docking station, D-Tap cable, Master Caddy II x 4, Power Supply, and Sunhood for Shogun 7.

Atomos Power Kit - $259 - special order
(PWRKT2) 2 x NP-F750 batteries 5200 mAh, and fast battery charger.

Atomos D-Tap to Barrel Cable - $80 - special order
(ATOMDTPCB1) Run your power hungry Atomos 7" recorder off V-Mount or Gold Mount batteries with this simple D-Tap to Barrel cable. This coiled cable is 16"/40cm long, and extends to 32"/80cm when stretched. Compatible with all Atomos 7" recorders with a DC barrel input - Shogun Flame, Shogun Inferno, Ninja Assassin, Ninja Flame, and Ninja Inferno.

Atomos D-Tap DC Power Adapter - $80 - special order

Atomos Master Caddy II - 5 Pack - $66 - in stock

Atomos Master Caddy II - Single - $14 - in stock

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