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Updated June 11/24


DJI Transmission High Bright Monitor Combo - $3449 - special order
DJI Transmission evolves from the established DJI aerial video transmission technology, delivering an integrated solution that combines a video receiver, monitor, controller, and recorder. It is designed for native integration with Ronin-series products and DJI Master Wheels, transforming the industry with a groundbreaking transmission experience that provides vision beyond boundaries.


Video Transmitter
High-Bright Remote Monitor
Remote Monitor Hood
WB37 Battery Adapter (TX)
WB37 Intelligent Battery
WB37 Battery Charging Hub (USB-C)
NP-F Battery Adapter (TX)
NP-F Battery Adapter (RX)
USB-C to LEMO Power Cable
RS Gimbal Mounting Plate
USB-C Cable
SDI Cable
DJI DC Power Cable
DC to P-Tap Power Cable
Installation Toolkit
Protector Case

DJI Transmission Standard Combo - $3499 - special order
Includes a DJI Video Transmitter and a DJI Video Receiver. This combo delivers extended-range, low-latency transmission, making it especially suitable for use with production monitors. It also now supports metadata transmission via SDI in addition to the output of fractional frame rates.

Whats Included:

  • DJI Video Transmitter × 1
  • DJI Video Receiver × 1
  • WB37 Battery Adapter × 2
  • WB37 Intelligent Battery × 2
  • WB37 Battery Charging Hub (USB-C) × 1
  • RS Gimbal Mounting Plate × 1
  • NP-F Battery Adapter (TX) × 2
  • DJI Transmission USB-C Power Cable × 1
  • DC to P-TAP Power Cable × 1
  • SDI Cable × 1
  • USB-C Cable × 1
  • Protector Case× 1
  • Ronin Video Transmission Antenna × 2
  • Installation Toolkit× 1

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