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Updated Nov 9/23

Rack Accessories

Blackmagic Universal Rack Shelf - $129 - special order
Blackmagic Design Universal Rack Shelf works with half and third rack units such as Teranex Mini, Hyperdecks and Studio Converters which are designed to be racked side by side. When multiple units are racked side by side, variable speed fans pull from one unit into the next to facilitate optimal air flow. If a fan fails adjacent Teranex Mini will increase fan speed, to prevent overheating! And because they’re small and lightweight, you can even mount them in the rear of a rack or road case!

The universal shelf will support 3 third rack units or 2 half rack units side by side in 1U of rack space.

Tripp Lite RS-1215-RA Power Strip - $109 - in stock
This 1U rackmount power strip fits nicely in your 19" rack to provide power for your various items. Has 6 outlets on the front, and 6 on the back. Nice distance between the outlets to accommodate those dreaded wall plugs. 15 amp circuit breaker. Has a locking switch cover, so you can't accidently turn it off. Comes with a 15' cord. Weighs 4.6 lbs/2.09 kg. Warranty - limited lifetime.

Hammond Blank Rack Panels
1U - $12 - limited stock
2U - special order - usually takes a few days

Blank, aluminum panels that cover gaps in your 19" rack enclosure. Makes your rack look neater. Black, flat surface. Does not come with rack screws, and requires 4 of them.

Blackmagic Teranex Mini Rack Shelf - $129 - special order
HyperDeck Studio Mini uses the same physical size as Teranex Mini converters so you can use the Teranex Mini Rack Shelf to rack mount up to 3 models in any combination you need!

StarTech Rack 10-32 Screws - 50 pack - $35 - special order

Connectronics SDI PatchBay
16 Port - $219 - special order
32 Port - special order

This SDI feed-through patch panel fits in your 19" Rack. Uses high quality Canare SDI barrels. Female SDI ports on both the front and the back so you can easily connect your SDI cables to. Can handle either SD or HD signals. 16 port panel is 1RU tall, 32 port is 2RU.

Rack Cases