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Updated July 26/22

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Rode SC11 - $20 - more in soon
The SC11 is a TRS splitter cable for connecting two mono outputs to a single stereo input. It is particularly suitable for connecting two microphones to a single DSLR-style camera, for example dual Wireless GO receivers, or a wireless receiver and a VideoMic. The SC11 is 275mm in length and is compatible with the cable management slots in the RØDE SM7-R and DCS-1 mounts. The output segment has in-built memory wire for neat cable positioning around your camera and the input segment is split into two – the black end records to the left channel, the red end records to the right.

StarTech MiniJack Splitter (MUY1MFFS) - $7 - in stock
Splits one stereo mini-jack into two. Male Mini-jack to 2 Female Mini-Jack. 7.9" or 20cm long.

StarTech Mini Jack M-M
3' Mini-Jack male to male
- $5 - in stock
6' Mini-Jack male to male - $7 - in stock
For connecting equipment that uses 3.5mm (1/8") mini connectors, like: computer sound cards, portable CD players, etc. Maintains stereo signal.

Zoom SMC-1 - 5" Coiled Mini-jack male to Mini-jack male - $10 - in stock
* For a Variety of Pro and Home Audio Uses
* Right-Angle Plugs Fit into Tight Spaces
* Gold-Plated 3.5mm Connectors
* Coiled Design Reduces Clutter

Mini-jack extension cable male/female
6' Extension Cable - $6 - in stock
12' Extension Cable - $8 - in stock


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Sescom for Zoom Recorders - $45 - special order
Want to plug your Zoom recorder straight into your D-SLR? This cable will let you do it. The headphone out jack on the Zoom is line-level out, but your D-SLR is mic level in, so the input will be too hot. This cable from Sescom has a 25dB attenuator to reduce the line out to mic level, so you don't over-modulate. Works with all Zoom recorders. Suitable for D-SLRs that have a headphone jack, so you can still monitor your sound, such as the Canon 5D Mark III, 7D Mark II, Nikon D7100, D610, D750, D810 etc.

Sescom for Zoom Recorders with Headphone splitter - $55 - special order
3.5mm Line to Mic with 25dB Attenuator for Zoom Recorders with Headphone Monitoring Jack. The cable allows users to go directly from the Zoom audio recorders into the camera and also monitor with headphones, creating a compact and elegant interface solution. Works with Zoom H1, H2, H4NSP, H5 and H6.

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