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Updated July 4/22

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Mini-Jack to XLR Cables, Adaptors

Hosa XLR Female to Stereo Mini-Jack
Works in either mono or stereo jacks. In stereo jacks, signal is applied equally to left and right channels (wired for dual mono). Perfect for hooking up a XLR mic to a camcorder that has a mini-jack input.

Hosa XVM-101F - 1 ft - $12 - in stock
Hosa XVM-105F - 5 ft - $16 - more in soon

Digiflex NKXM
XLR Male to Stereo Mini-Jack Male
3 ft - $16 - in stock
6 ft - $19 - in stock

Digiflex HKXF-3
XLR Female to Stereo Mini-Jack Male
3 ft - $8 - special order

Sennheisier KA600 XLR (F) to mini-jack - $29 - in stock
(505633) Spiral cable. XLR F to Mini Jack M. For connecting XLR microphones to a mini-jack input. 10" coiled extends to 32" max extension.

Sennheiser KA 600i - XLR to TRRS
XLR to TRRS Smart phone audio.

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Hosa CYX-405F DUAL XLR (F) to Right Angle Mini-Jack 5ft - $22 - in stock
Hosa CYX-402M DUAL XLR (M) to Straight Mini-Jack 6.6 ft - $22 - in stock

Rode VXLR - $13 - in stock
Mini-jack Female to 3 pin XLR Male. Perfect for plugging a mini-jack mic into an XLR jack of a camcorder or mixer.

Rode VXLR+ - $32 - in stock
* Converts Phantom Power to Plug-In Power
* Accepts 12-48V Phantom Power
* Outputs 3-5V Plug-In Power
* 3.5mm TRS Female Jack
* XLR 3-Pin Male Connector
* Lightweight and Compact
*Locking Mini-Jack collar

Hosa GXP - 246 - $14 - in stock
Male XLR to Male TRS

XLR to Mini-Jack Adapters

Indi Pro Tools Mini Box - Reg $95 Sale $39 - limited stock
Convert XLR to mini-jack with this very simple adapter. Two XLR ports to mini-jack. Has a 15mm rail mount adapter, so you can mount it to any 15mm rail. Note that there is no other way to mount this adapter - no 1/4 screw hole. Adapter is passive, so it does not provide phantom power to the mics or any gain/boost of the signal. Also note there is no gain control on the two inputs, so you have no way to individually change the volume of the inputs as they go into your camera.

Indi Pro Tools Power/Audio Grid for Sony a7 series - $175 Sale $49 - in stock
Power/Audio Grid - Dual XLR to Mini-jack Adapter with Dual LP-E6 Plates for Sony a7 series that take FW-50 batteries provides power to your Sony a7 Camera using two optional Canon LP-E6 type to FW-50 dummy battery. It converts two XLR inputs to a 3.5mm stereo audio output to provide two channels of audio directly to your camera. The Power Grid System incorporates a clamp so you can mount it to optional LWS 15mm support rods and it features a right angle power plug to keep the cable neat and snug on the camera.

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