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Updated May 2/24

Tilta Handles and Cage Accessories

Tilta Pocket 4K/6K Quick Release Top Handle
(TA-QRTH-G) Grey - $109 - in stock
(TA-QRTH-B) Black - $109 - more in soon
This quick release top handle easily and securely attaches to the top of both of the half and full camera cages. It provides several 1/4”-20 and 3/8”-16 mounting points as well as a cold shoe mounting point for your accessories. (Grey)

Tilta Compact NATO Handle TA-QRTH7-B Black - $55 - call to check
Attaches securely to Tilta cages that have a top NATO rail. Provides several 1/4”-20 and 3/8”-16 mounting points as well as one cold shoe mounting point on the front of the handle.

Tilta Side Power Handle Type II (F970) Grey - Reg $200 - Display Model on Sale $140
(TA-SH1-97-G). Only works with half and full Tilta camera cages. This side handle slides onto the base of thecage and the battery port on the bottom of the handle allows you to use a Sony F970 battery to power the Nucleus Nano motor via the 8V Micro-USB power output. A 12V DC output is also integrated into the handle. The handle also has an integrated Samsung T5 SSD card holder. (Grey)

Tilta Power Side Handle - Reg $165 Sale $99 - limited stock
* Allows Sony F570 battery to power Nucleus Nano motor via 8V Micro-USB power output
* Half / Full Tilta camera cage Compatibility
* 12 V DC Output
* Aluminum / Steel Material Construction

Tilta Right-Side Advanced Focus Handle Type V - $319 - in stock

  • For Tiltaing Cages via Optional Mount
  • Nucleus-Nano Focus Control
  • Compatible Camera Run/Stop Control
  • Fingerwheel and Record Button
  • NP-F570 L-Series Battery Support
  • Nucleus-Nano USB Cable Included
  • 8V USB Type-C and 12 VDC Outputs
  • Type V Rosette

Tilta Right-Side Advanced Focus Handle Type VI - $309 - in stock

  • Power Nucleus Nano Motor
  • Control Focus and Start/Stop
  • Accepts Select L-Series Batteries
  • NATO Rail to Rosette Mounting Adapter
  • 360° of Rotation
  • Run/Stop Cable Optional
  • Numerous Attachment Options Available
  • Type VI NATO

Tilta Pocket 4K/6K DC Power Cable for Side Handle - $21 - in stock
(TCB-BMPC-DCM12) This cable allows you to power the Pocket 4K/6K camera from Tilta Side Handles that have a battery option. Connects to the power port on the side handle, and goes into the power port on the side of the Pocket 4K/6K handle. 16"/40cm long.

Tilta Pocket 4K/6K Partial Sunhood - $40 - more in soon
( TA-T01-HSH) The partial sunhood attaches directly to the back of the Tilta BMPCC 4K half and full camera cages to provide sunshade to your camera’s LCD screen when shooting in bright exterior environments. NOTE: not a stand-alone item, can only work with the Tilta cages due to the proprietary fastener.

Tilta Pocket 4K/6K HDMI 90 Degree Adapter - Reg $18 Sale $10 - limited stock
( TA-T01-HAD-90) This HDMI adapter was designed specifically for the Tilta BMPCC 4K/6K camera cage. It allows for an easy way to attach an HDMI cable to your camera while ensuring that the cable tightly hugs the side of the cage.

Tilta Pocket 4K/6K SSD Drive Holder for Samsung T5
Grey (TA-SSDH-T5-G) - $27 - special order
Black (TA-SSDH-T5-B) - $27 - more in soon
The SSD drive holder attaches directly to the Tilta half and full camera cages and provides a way to attach a Samsung T5 SSD drive to your camera setup to allow you to record footage onto a separate SSD card.

Tilta Lens Adapter Support Bracket - $18 - in stock
Lens Adapter Support Bracket. This bracket can attach to the front of the BMPCC 4K/6K half and full camera cages to provide support for the various lens adapters that can be used with the camera.

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