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V-Mount Battery Chargers

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Rolux YC-ZNC Self-Adapt Charger - $110 - in stock
The Rolux quick charger YC-ZNC for V-Mount batteries is a professional battery charger that has a special self-regulating function. It recognizes the capacity of the battery and can therefore charge it optimally. The YC-ZNC also has a built-in circuit protection. The LED display shows three different status indicators. Solid green: Charger is not in use or has fully charged the battery. Solid red: Battery is charging. Light flashes red: Alarm for an anomaly, such as high temperature, output current exceeds 10A or when the output voltage exceeds 17.8V. The charger will also stop charging immediately and will not continue charging until the problem is resolved (e.g. the temperature is back to normal).

Rolux D-Tap Travel Charger RL-T1A - $60 - in stock
(RL-T1A) This smaller portable D-Tap charger has less amps than larger D-Tap chargers, so it is not as fast, but it is smaller and cheaper. Can charge via the D-Tap port any D-Tap equipped battery (V-Mount, Gold Mount, third party Sony BP-U and Canon BP-A batteries, etc). Warranty - 2 Years, serviced in Canada.

Nomis D-Tap Charger - PC-4DC - $109 - special order
(PC-4DC) This travel charger is fairly lightweight making it ideal for use on the road. Just connect this charger to the D-Tap port on your battery and charge. Charges a 95 Wh battery in under 2 hours. Has a higher output than a lot of other travel chargers, so it is faster. Warranty - 1 Year, serviced in Canada.

Rolux RL-CH240S Dual Adaptive Smart Charger - $320 - in stock
This adaptive charger can identify battery capacity to provide appropriate charging current.

  • When the battery capacity ≤ 100Wh, switch to 3A charging;
  • When the battery capacity is 100-160Wh, switch to 4.5A charging; when the battery capacity ≥ 161Wh,
  • Switch to 6A charging; after the battery decays, recalculate the actual capacity for charging.
  • This product includes a smart LCD status display, and the charging mode is adaptive dual simultaneous charging.

Rolux Two-Channel Charger RL-2KS - $235 - more in soon
The Rolux RL-2KS is a portable V-Mount battery charger with an XLR 4-Pin DC power output. The unit can charge two batteries simultaneously and features a built-in capacity management system, ensuring the fastest charge possible. 2 Year warranty, serviced in Canada. NOTE: IDX batteries have compatibility issues with Rolux chargers.

Rolux Four Channel Charger RL-4KS - $420 - in stock
The Rolux RL-4KS is a compact charger that can handle 4 V-Mount batteries. 2 Year warranty, serviced in Canada. NOTE: IDX batteries have compatibility issues with Rolux chargers.

Shape V2PWC 2 Bay V-Mount Charger - special order
The new fast-charge SHAPE Intelligent Dual V-Mount Lithium-Ion Battery Charger is an ideal match for the SHAPE FULL PLAY Batteries. It provides simultaneous charging for up to two batteries and can also be used as an AC Power Supply which delivers 4A of power output. Additionally, the charger supports 90-242V power input, so it can be used worldwide with the right plug adapters. It also includes a 4-pin XLR male and female cable for the AC port, providing up to 4A of current at 15V to power other devices. You can select the charger's mode using the three-position switch. The unit also features a handle for easy carrying for productions on the go and indicator lights to keep you appraised on the battery charge status.

Shape 4 Bay V-Mount Charger - special order
* 2.5A per Channel
* 60W, 15V, 4.0A  4-Pin XLR DC Power Output
* Battery Release Lever
* Lightweight Portable Design
* Integrated Carry Handle
* Light Indicators for Battery Charge Status
* Charge/DC Out/Off Mode Switch
* 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 3.8 A  AC Power Input
* 4-Pin XLR Male-Female Cable Included for Powering Accessories

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