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Updated Sept 8/23

Video Remotes

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Libec ZFC-L - $150 - more in soon
Libec ZFC-L LANC Zoom and Focus Control for Sony/Canon LANC Cameras.
• Invert Switch to change your zoom direction
• Double-Sided Zoom Rocker design for under slung position
• Zoom with your fingers, not just your thumb
• Smooth & precise zoom speeds
• REC Start/Stop button and focus controls
• Can be attached to round pipes up to 45mm in diameter
• 0.7m/ 2.3' Cable with a 2.5mm jack for LANC cameras

Libec LIB-ZC-LP - $139 - in stock
Remote control for LANC (Sony, Canon, and JVC) and Panasonic cameras

New Invert Switch
This new function allows users to change the zoom direction when the control unit is attached in a grip top position or upside down in an underslung position.

Double-Sided Zoom Rocker
The zoom rocker have been ergonomically designed with a unique shape, granting users the ability to zoom with their fingers, not just their thumbs, resulting in more accurate operations.

Smooth Zooms and Speeds
The ZFC-L offers users smooth zoom and speed movements by simply tilting the zoom Rocker.

REC Start/Stop button and focus controls
The ZFC-L is equipped with a REC Start/Stop button and focus controls for non-automatic manual operations.

Large Clamp for attachment
The connecter clamp can be attached to round pipes up to 45mm in diameter, wide enough to even fit the HFMP Monopod center grip.

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