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V-Mount Batteries

Rolux YCS Compact V-Mount Batteries
Rolux's new line of compact V-Mount batteries. A smaller form factor than the traditional V-Mount battery, these have both a D-Tap and USB port on the side. Fuel gauge on the side to quickly check the power remaining. Dimensions: 3.5"/89mm W x 4.75"/118mm T x 2"/50mm D. Warranty - 2 Year, serviced in Canada. RED Compatability: Will power Red cameras no problem, but will not display time remaining or battery percentage to the camera.
Rolux YC-98S (98Wh) - $249 - in stock
Rolux YC-135S (135Wh) - $289 - in stock
Rolux YC-170S (170Wh) - $399 - special order
Rolux YC-200S (200Wh) - $429 - in stock
Rolux YC-270S (270Wh) - $545 - in stock

Rolux RL-BP0990SM - 99Wh V-Mount Battery - $279 - more in soon
The BP Series, The Worlds Smallest Most Powerful Pro Video Battery, Textured Case, LCD
Display, 14.8 Volt, 99Wh, V-Mount, 2 x D-Tap,  12 amp continuous draw and 18 amp peak draw capability. 2 x USB Type A ports (5V/2.1A). Weighs just 530 grams. 2 year Canadian Warranty (Serviced in Canada).

Rolux Dynasty USB-C V-Mount Batteries
50Wh - $240 – in stock
99wh - $310 – in stock
150wh - $370 – coming in July

Rolux joins the USB-C PD party with the new micro-sized Dynasty V-Mount batteries. Inside are premium Samsung battery cells. Ports: D-Tap x 1, USB-A x 1, USB-C PD x 1. The USB-C PD Port provides 65w of power. The battery can also be charged via the USB-C PD port, so you don’t have to buy an expensive dedicated V-mount charger. It will charge on existing D-Tap or V-Mount chargers, and you can certainly use them if you wish. But if you want to charge via USB-C, you do need a USB-C PD power adapter to charge - the battery won't charge via a normal USB-A charger using a USB-A to C cable (like the ones that charge your phone). Also, you can charge the battery via a USB-C port on a computer. There are also two DC barrel connectors – 8.4v/2A and 12v/2A, just for fun. And a 1/4-20 screw hole on the bottom! And a tiny LED bulb on the back to provide a very small amount of light!! Warranty – 2 Years Canadian warranty.

Rolux RL-BP2160S 1500mAH 216W - $430 - special order

The Rolux RL-BP2160S V Mount Battery boasts impeccable craftsmanship ensuring durability and toughness for prolonged use. The non-slip waist design adds an extra layer of security, preventing accidental slips or drops. Equipped with anti-drop rubber corners, this battery is designed to withstand impacts, providing peace of mind even in challenging environments.

The inclusion of 4 D-Tap ports allows simultaneous power supply to multiple devices, offering versatility on professional shoots. The V-Mount Plate, crafted through CNC machining, features an aluminium V-lock that is not only sturdy but also highly durable. Additionally, the battery incorporates a USB port, providing an extra convenience by allowing users to power their mobile devices directly.

Global Dynamics United 98Wh Mini V-Mount Battery (Red) - Reg $349 Sale $299 - limited stock
98Wh Li-Ion V-Mount Battery. 14.8V Output, 10A Continuous Draw. D-Tap and USB Accessory Outputs. Aluminum Body Acts as Head Sink. 4-LED Status Indicator. Compact Form Factor. 1 year warranty.

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