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Updated May 21/24

Accessories For Canon Cinema EOS C500 MARK II

Shape B15C52 Baseplate - Reg $299 - Display Model on Sale $219
Lightweight 15mm baseplate for Canon C300 III/C500 II features two attachment points (1/4-20 and 3/8-16) for securely mounting the Canon EOS C500 Mark II body. The baseplate also comes with a pair of 15 mm rods that are 12” long through the length of the baseplate. The bottom of the plate feature several 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 mounting holes for mounting and balancing your camera on equipment like a tripod.


Canon C300 III/ C500 MK II Relocator Extension Cable
C52RE - Grip Relocator Cable for Canon C300 III/ 500 MK II - $99 - in stock

Canon EU-V1 Expansion Unit 1 - $663 - special order
This unit extends connectivity that benefits both remote operation and live uses of the EOS C500 Mark II. This expansion adds genlock/sync out, remote B (RS422) and Ethernet ports ideal for multi-camera, streaming and live television applications.

Canon EU-V2 Expansion Unit 2 - $2120 - special order
(V-Mount Back) This unit converts the EOS C500 Mark II from a compact powerhouse to a full production camera system ready for anything. EU-V2 adds two additional XLR audio inputs, Lens port, 24-volt DC out, and D-Tap power, in addition to Genlock, sync out, Remote B (RS422) and Ethernet port. It also allows the camera to be powered using industry standard v-lock batteries.

Canon PM-V1 PL Mount - $2120 - special order
The Canon PM-V1 PL Mount Kit substitutes the Canon EF mount that comes with your Canon C500 Mark II. The PL mount lets you mount practically any PL cinema lens on to your camera. The kit contains the PL mount and a shim kit for precisely fine-tuning the mount on your camera to confirm the right flange distance.

Canon CM-V1 Cinema Lock EF Mount - $2916 - special order
The Canon CM-V1 EF Cinema Lock Mount incorporates the EF mount electronic contacts and allows you to mount virtually any Canon EF mount lens, either the stills variety or the cinema lens variety, on your camera. The kit includes the locking EF mount and a shim kit for precisely adjusting the mount on your camera to ensure the correct flange distance. Many of the zoom Cinema lenses require the distance from lens to the image plane be precise for the best optical and mechanical performance. This is where this Cinema lock mount comes into play.

Canon EVF-V50 OLED Viewfinder - $928 - special order
The EVF-V50 OLED electronic viewfinder is a tilting 0.46" approx. 1.77 million dot OLED EVF that offers outstanding visibility for single-operator applications, such as documentaries and outdoor interviews.

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