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Updated June 11/24

SanDisk Professional PRO-BLADE

Meet the SanDisk Professional PRO-BLADE ecosystem. Data storage should get you to creative goals without getting in your way. Bulky drives, delays in the action, slow data transfer — that’s what we set out to solve. Crafted to unlock pro-grade performance and versatility, PRO-BLADE will change the way you capture, edit, and move your content.

SanDisk Professional PRO-BLADE STATION - $540 - Special Order - takes about a week
Save time on your most demanding projects using PRO-BLADE STATION with Thunderbolt™ 3 (40Gbps) in your workflow where you need high throughput. Utilize the 4 PRO-BLADE SSD mag slots to edit, copy, and move massive amounts of data quickly with transfer speeds up to 3000MB/s read and 2600MB/s write. Avoid downtime waiting for transfers by simply moving PRO-BLADE SSD mags between PRO-BLADE TRANSPORT portable and PRO-BLADE STATION desktop enclosures. Versatile SSD modularity lets you create a customized setup making each project fast and efficient.

SanDisk Professional PRO-BLADE SSD Mags
Unlock exceptional SSD performance and versatility with the SanDisk Professional PRO-BLADE modular SSD ecosystem. Effortlessly transfer, copy, and edit footage with the powerfully interchangeable PRO-BLADE SSD mag. Pack less bulk when you carry multiple SSD mags and load them into a single portable PRO-BLADE TRANSPORT enclosure or PRO-BLADE STATION desktop enclosure.

1TB - $150 - special order - take about a week
2TB - $245 - special order - take about a week
4TB - $400 - special order - take about a week

SanDisk Professional PRO-BLADE Transport
Get the ultimate workflow SSD when you pair multiple, powerful SanDisk® Professional PRO-BLADE™ SSD mags with the PRO-BLADE™ TRANSPORT enclosure for up to 2000MB/s read and write speeds. The PRO-BLADE™ TRANSPORT device enables you to easily swap out PRO-BLADE™ SSD mags so that you can carry several terabytes of storage without excess bulk.

0TB (Empty) - $70 - special order - takes about a week
1TB - $200 - special order - takes about a week
2TB - $300 - special order - takes about a week
4TB - $460 - special order - takes about a week