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Updated July 6/22


Laowa 24mm f/14 2X Macro Probe Lens

This is the world’s first consumer-grade probe lens which focuses from 2:1 macro to infinity and with a compelling wide angle ‘Bug Eye’ perspective. The wide angle design means much greater depth of field at close distances than possible with conventional telephoto macro lens, so more background details can now be seen. The front barrel of the lens is waterproof and an LED ring light is mounted at the tip of the lens. It can cover both standard 35mm full frame & Super35 image sensors and is super lightweight to carry!

The package includes a white USB cable dimmer (with power adjustment), black USB cable (no power adjustment), lens bag and metal case. Please note that the LED is powered by an external battery (not included in the package). Powers from USB (Type A Connector).

Laowa 24mm f/14 2X Macro Probe Lens
Canon EF Mount - special order
Sony E-Mount - special order
Micro FourThirds - special order

Laowa 24mm f/14 2X Macro Probe Lens “Cine-Mod”
Canon EF Mount - special order
ARRI PL Mount - special order
Canon EF and Arri PL mounts are available. “Cine-mod” version, with standard gear focus and aperture rings, is specifically designed for videography purposes. Includes variable-output Control cable and rugged aluminum carry case.

Focal Length: 24mm
Max. Aperture: f/14
Angle of View: 85°
Format Compatibility: Full Frame
Lens Structure: 27 elements in 19 groups
Aperture Blades 7
Min. Focusing Distance: 470mm
Min. Working Distance: 20mm
Max. Magnification: 2x
Focus Mode: Manual Focus
Filter Thread: N/A
Dimensions: 38 x 408 mm
Weight: 474g
Mounts (Standard): Canon EF / Sony FE
Mounts (Cine Mod): ARRI PL / Canon EF


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