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Updated Feb 11/21

Camera Lights for Video

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Nanlite LumiPad 11 - Dimmable Bi-Color Soft LED Panel - $79 - in stock
Our top-selling on-camera light. Note: requires a Sony-L battery that is not included. At only 1.2 inches thick, the LumiPad 11 uses high-efficiency LEDs to provide up to 969 lumens (337 Lux at 1m 5600K) of illumination. Supplied with a combination cold shoe - 1/4 20" mount, the LumiPad 11 can either be mounted directly on your camera, a light stand or tripod. The NanLite LumiPad 11 is ideal for producing soft, diffused lighting in the studio or on location. Features built-in battery indicator. Easily achieve beautiful results without adding plastic filters or cloth diffusion. The LumiPad43's control knobs enable you to dial in brightness from 0-100% and temperature from warm to cold (3200K-5600K).

Nanlite LitoLite 5C RGBWW LED Pocket Light - $99 - in stock
Nanlite LitoLite 5C RGBWW Mini LED Panel. An amazingly bright, pocket-sized lighting fixture featuring an internal Li-Ion battery with USB-C Charging, adjustable color temperature from 7500-2700K with green to magenta shift, 360° of hue control with 100 levels of color saturation adjustment, as well as 15 pre-programmed adjustable special lighting effects.


  • LitoLite 5C
  • Silicone Rubber Diffuser
  • USB-C to USB-A Charge Cable
  • Carry Bag


Nanlite MixPad 11 - $229 - in stock
Note: requires Sony-L battery not included. NanLite MixPad 11 Bicolor Tunable RGB Hard and Soft Light LED Panel. Incorporates three LED light sources into one compact light fixture. Switch between a "traditional" multi-LED source producing a harder light; surface mount (SMD) LEDs that provide a soft light, and red, green and blue LEDs which can be mixed to create more than 360 colors at the touch of a button. Featuring 0 to 100% dimming, a maximum output of 902 lumens (606Lux @ 1m 5600K), adjustable color temperature from 3200-5600K and tunable hue in RGB mode. Optional AC adapter sold separately.

NanLite AC Power - $19 - in stock
Optional AC power supply for LumiPad 11 or MixPad 11.

Aputure AL-M9 On Camera LED Light - $65 - in stock
• High Efficiency Bulbs, CRI/TLCI 95+
• 9 SMD Light Beads, Creating High Illuminance
• Built-in Lithium Battery, Charged Via USB
• Ultra-thin at Only 140g of Weight
• Adjustable Brightness in 9 Step

Aputure MC Lights & Kits

ikan iLED-MS Microspot Light - $55 - special order
Lightweight and compact enough to fit in a pocket or the palm of your hand, the iLED-MS Micro Spot shines a tight, 30-degree beam that works well for interviews as well as B-roll situations. The 4-watt LED is evenly bright, with solid color temperature across the entire ray of light. The 5600K Daylight beam can be diffused or changed to 3200K with a simple flip of the included gel or diffuser. The dimmer can be set anywhere between 10-100%. The shoe mount enables you to slide the light onto the top of a camera or mount it to any ¼-inch, 20-thread arm using the ¼-20 receiver at the bottom of the shoe.  The internal lithium-ion battery is good for 90 to 120 minutes and can be recharged using the 5V mini-USB cable (included).

Aputure Amaran AL-MW - $319 - special order
The AL-MW is the brightest, most rugged mini LED that Aputure has ever made. Featuring a massive 6000 lux output (2x brighter than the MX), 5 built-in light FX, a 24 hrs non-stop battery life and compact metal housing with the ability to go 10 meters underwater – the MW is the most powerful pocket-sized light for no matter where life takes you.

NanLite LitoLite 28F 5600K 28W Focusable LED Fresnel - $119 - special order
The NanLite LitoLite 28F Focusable LED Fresnel is a compact LED light for use in studio or Table Top photography, which offers adjustable, powerful light output with a flood to spotlight range from 20-50 degrees. This super compact light is ideal for interview lighting, studio photography, product photography and use as a fill or hair light. The output is fully dimmable without flicker or color shifting and the color temperature is set to 5600K for blending in with ambient daylight or to perfectly compliment photographic strobes. Supplied with a standard 5/8" receiver mount, the LitoLite 28F series can be mounted directly on any standard light stand.

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