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Updated June 8/24

CF Express Type B Cards

SanDisk CFexpress Type B Cards
CFexpress Type B memory card with1500 MB/s Max. Read Speed, 800 MB/s Max. Write Speed.
256GB - Reg $629 - Sale $220 - in stock - sale ends June 15
512GB - Reg $929 - Sale $290 - in stock - sale ends June 15

SanDisk Professional CFexpress Type B Cards
Pro-Cinema VPG400
256GB - $345 - in stock

  • Max Read Speed: 1700 MB/s
  • Max Write Speed: 1400 MB/s
  • Min Write Speed: 400 MB/s
  • For 8K, 4K, and HFR Video
  • For Raw and Burst Mode Photography

Angelbird AV PRO CFexpress MK 2
Sustained high-speed performance for RAW 12K video and photo production. Qualified for RED V-Raptor. Read speed up to 1785 MB/s. Write speed up to 1550 MB/s. Made in Austria.
1 TB - $669 - special order
2 TB - $1339 - in stock

Angelbird AV PRO CFexpress SE
Economical CFeB card for video and photo production, if you don't require super-fast CFeB cards. Write speeds are lower than the faster, hence more expensive cards. Write speed 800 MB/s sustained. Read speed up to 1785 MB/s. Made in Austria. Warranty - 3 Years.
512GB - $179 - more in soon

ProGrade "Gold" CFexpress B
128 GB - Reg $140 Sale $105 - limited stock
256 GB - Reg $215 Sale $175 - limited stock

The ProGrade Gold CFeB cards in the smaller capacities are a good cost-effective choice for photographers who don't require the crazy speeds of faster CFeB cards that is needed for high bit rate video capture. Minimum sustained write speed on the 128GB card is 140 MB/s, and the 256 is 300 MB/s. Max write speed is 1400 MB/s, but for video caputure the sustained write speed is more important.

ProGrade "Gold" CFexpress B
1TB - Reg $570 Sale $390 - special order

A good choice for Panasonic, Fuji and Canon video shooters who require CFeB cards. Minimum Sustained Write speed of 1300 MB/s. Read speeds of 1700 MB/s. Not qualified for the RED Komodo-X nor V-Raptor.

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