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Updated May 10/24

Ultralight Control Systems


Ultralight makes versatile and customizable solutions for mounting video gear.

Ultralight Cardellini MC Clamp + BA-HB 1/4-20 Combo - $150 - in stock

Ultralight 3" Double Ball Arm Segment DB-03 - $45 - in stock
3" Arm.

Ultralight 5 " Double Ball Arm Segment DB-05 - $70 - in stock
5" Arm.

Ultralight 8" Double Ball Arm Segment DB-08 - $75 - in stock
8" Arm.

Ultralight 6" Double Ball Arm DB-06 - $55 - special order
6 " Arm.

Ultralight Clamp AC-CSSK2 - $60 - in stock
New design which features a small cut out on the clamp which allows the user to move the arm segment in almost any position. 

Ultralight Long Clamp AC-CSLSK2 - $70 - in stock
Longer double clamp with dual cut outs.


Ultralight Clamp AC-TCSJK2 - $70 - in stock
Three sockets instead of two. Let's you add more stuff! The new AC-TCSJK2 is AC-TCS clamp with cut outs on top and bottom clamp halves with T-knob.

Ultralight Kondor Blue Ball Mount BA-KB - $69 - in stock
Blue ball mount adapter for Kondor Blue quick release base.

Ultralight Monitor Bracket AC-MB - $69 - in stock
Very popular accessory. Has a 1/4-20 screw to attach to your monitor, and has 2 small "pegs" to prevent twisting. The small pegs are removable if so required.

Ultralight Base Adapter with 1/4-20" Screw AD-1420-2 - $39 - in stock

Ultralight Base Adapter with 3/8" Screw AD-3816 - $39 - in stock

Ultralight Adapter Ball BA-HB - $39 - in stock
Smaller in length than the AD-1420-2, it comes with an Allen key to tighten into the screw hole.

Ultralight SmallHD Adapter AC-SHD - $45 - more in soon
Adapter that attaches to SmallHD monitors that use a variant of the Arri Locator Pins mount, such as the 500/700 series of monitors. Two small pin prevent twisting or loosening where the 1/4-20 screw attaches to the monitor.

Ultralight BA-SPUD - $50 - in stock
Ball adapter with mounting hole and T-bolt to attach to any light stud.

Ultralight Base Adapter ARRI (BA-ARRI) - $50 - in stock
Base Adapter with AARRI Locating Pins, so you can mount it on anything that can receive an Arri Locating Pins. More solid connection, because it doesn't turn and twist and come loose. Unfortunately, not a lot of cameras, cages, baseplates, etc use this. Comes with Allen key to screw the adapter in.


Ultralight Replacement O-Rings Ball - .35 each - in stock
Replacement O-Ring that fits the top of the Ultralight balls (where the clamps attach), in case yours gets lost or damaged.

Ultralight Replacement O-Rings Base - .35 each - in stock
Replacement O-Ring that fits the bottom base of the Ultralight adapters, in case yours gets lost or damaged. Smaller than the ones that fit on the top in the ball section.

Ultralight Replacement Spring - $1.50 each - more in soon
Replacement metal spring that fits in the Ultralight clamps, in case yours gets lost or damaged.

Ultralight Replacement Bolt - $1.10 each - in stock
Replacement bolt that fits in the Ultralight clamps, in case yours gets lost or damaged or abducted by aliens.

Ultralight Replacement Washers - .35 each - in stock
Replacement white nylon washers that are used in the Ultralight Clamps, in case you lose or damage yours.

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