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Updated May 21/24

Wooden Camera Accessories for RED Komodo

Wooden Camera B-Box 280500 - $585 Sale $449 - limited stock
B-Box (RED® KOMODO™) attaches to the camera-right BP-9 battery slot and provides a breakout for the camera’s EXT connector. Battery Slide Pro V-Mount or Gold Mount for RED KOMODO can be used simultaneously and custom right-angle LEMO compatible connector allows for neat cable run. Canon BP-9 batteries could also be attached in camera-left slot while B-Box is used.
Available ports include:

- R/S (3pin Fischer)

  • simple run/stop for Handgrip Trigger Box, Simple 3pin Fischer Trigger Cable, etc.
  • no power available
  • devices like ARRI WCU-4 may require CTRL port interface with cable K2.0015758
  • pin1:GND, pin2:N/C, pin3:GPI

- Timecode (5pin LEMO)

  • standard wiring for timecode in/out
  • pin1:GND, pin2:LTC-IN, pin3:N/C, pin4:N/C, pin5:LTC-OUT

- CTRL (4pin LEMO)

  • standard wiring for RED CTRL
  • pin1:GND, pin2:UART-RX, pin3:GPO, pin4:UART-TX

- 5V (USB)

  • 5V available at 500mA maximum
  • power may need to be enabled in camera menu

- Genlock (BNC)

  • standard wiring for genlock
  • center:signal, shell:GND

Wooden Camera LW 15mm RED Komodo Baseplate - $669 - special order
(279300) LW15mm Baseplate provides 15mm lightweight rod openings at the correct distance to the center of the lens. ARRI standard M6 rosettes are on both sides along with 1/4-20 threaded holes. 3/8-16 ARRI accessory mount also available on camera-right side. Baseplate features upper ARCA Swiss standard dovetail with center screw channel and vertical lens support post system. Attach one 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 screw to camera bottom and position vertical, 1/4-20 rod post underneath lens adapter like Canon RF to PL Mount Pro (RED KOMODO). Lower dovetail slot is ARRI standard for attaching to ARRI dovetails or the included Quick Dovetail. With Quick Dovetail attached, the baseplate and camera combination can be combined with an ARRI standard bridge plate like Quick Release Bridgeplate (19mm) or Quick Release Bridgeplate (15mm Studio).

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