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Updated Sept 18/23

RED V-Raptor

RED Digital Cinema V-Raptor 8K VV Brain
$24,995 USD - special order


  • V-RAPTOR 8K VV Body
  • DSMC AC Power Adapter Pack (150W)
  • RED Logo Sticker​
  • V-RAPTOR Information Card (incl. registration and support info)​
  • 2 Year Standard Warranty

V-RAPTOR™ 8K VV is the most powerful and advanced RED® cinema camera ever. As the brand’s new flagship system and sensor, as well as the first entrant into the new DSMC3™ generation of cameras, V-RAPTOR stands alone at the forefront of digital image capture technology.

Featuring a groundbreaking multi-format 8K sensor- with the ability to shoot 8K Large Format or 6K S35, it unlocks the largest lens selection of any comparable camera on the market and allows shooters the ability to always deliver at over 4K. The sensor also boasts the highest recorded dynamic range of any RED camera and the fastest ever cinema quality scan time. With a dynamic range of over 17 stops and featuring scan times 2x faster than any previous RED camera, allowing users to capture up to 600 fps at 2K. V-RAPTOR will also continue to feature RED’s proprietary REDCODE RAW codec, allowing users to capture 16-bit RAW, and leverage RED’s latest IPP2 workflow and color management.

Along with a new flagship sensor, the V-RAPTOR features a modernized platform in an amazingly compact package weighing in at barely over 4 lbs. With two 4K 12G-SDI outputs, XLR audio and phantom power via adapter, and 1080p livestream, this system can handle most anything a shooter can throw at it.

RED Digital Cinema V-Raptor 8K VV - Starter Pack With Batteries
$29,250 USD - special order

The V-RAPTOR Starter Pack is a pre-bundled setup that is perfect for owner-operators, run-and-gun style shooters, or anyone looking to take advantage of V-RAPTOR’s nimble and versatile form-factor. It includes:

  • 1x V-RAPTOR 8K VV Camera System
  • 1x DSMC3 RED Touch 7.0” LCD
  • 1x RED PRO CFexpress 2TB
  • 1x RED CFexpress Card Reader
  • 1x RED Compact Dual V-Lock Charger
  • 2x V-RAPTOR Wing Grip
  • 1x RED EXT-to-Timecode Cable 3'
  • 2 Year Standard Warranty (camera only)

RED Digital Cinema V-Raptor 8K VV - Production Pack
$35,500 USD - special order
Production Pack available in Gold Mount and V-Lock variant. The V-RAPTOR™ Production Pack is a comprehensive and robust pre-bundled setup that is perfect for professional work and studio set ups. It includes:

  • 1x V-RAPTOR 8K Camera System
  • 1x DSMC3™ RED® Touch 7” LCD
  • 2x RED® PRO CFexpress 2TB
  • 1x RED® CFexpress Card Reader
  • 4x REDVOLT® MICRO-V 98Wh (V-Lock Variant Only)
  • 1x RED® Compact Dual V-Lock Charger (V-Lock Variant Only)
  • 1x V-RAPTOR™ Tactical Top Plate
  • 1x V-RAPTOR™ Top Handle w/ Extensions
  • 1x V-RAPTOR™ Expander Blade
  • 1x V-RAPTOR™ Advanced Adapter (V-Lock or Gold Mount)
  • 1x V-RAPTOR™ Quick Release Platform Pack
  • 1x DSMC3 RED® 5-Pin to Dual XLR Adapter
  • 1x V-RAPTOR™ Side Ribs
  • 1x V-RAPTOR™ Production Plates
  • 1x RED® Production Grips
  • 2 Year Standard Warranty (camera only)

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