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Updated June 21/2017

Background Stands & Fabric Backdrops

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ProMaster Portable Background Stand - $179 - in stock
A good, solid background kit that comes with 2 x Heavy duty stands (maximum height 10.6'), and a 2 Piece Telescopic background support bar (maximum width 12'). Hang your muslin or paper backdrops with ease. Includes carrying/storage case. Warranty - 1 year.

Maximum Width: 12'/ 365 cm
Maximum Height: 10'5"/306 cm
Minimum Width: 5'/152 cm
Transport Length: 35"/89cm
Kit Weight: 13 lbs/6 kg


Manfrotto 272B Adjustable Background Holder Crossbar - $95 - in stock
(does not include light stand supports, is just a crossbar)
Manfrotto Black Adjustable Background Holder Crossbar for 9' paper or fabric backdrop. 3 section telescopic background pole for paper widths. Attachment: type 25; color: black; 3 sections; maximum extension: 117.32; minimum extension: 44.09 in.; weight: 0.55 lbs. Double attachment type - 5/8" female sockets attach to 2 light stands, one on each end.


ProMaster solid color backdrops are made from a polyester/cotton blend, which makes these backdrops lighter, more opaque and less subject to severe wrinkling. They are perfect for any studio setup. Both sides are usable. Rod pocket for easy installation. Includes a handy storage bag made from the same backdrop material for quick identification.

ProMaster Black Photo Backdrop
10x12 - $79 - in stock
10x20 - $109 - in stock

ProMaster White Photo Backdrop
10x12 - $79 - in stock
10x20 - $109 - in stock

ProMaster Grey Photo Backdrop
10x12 - $79 - in stock
10x20 - $109 - in stock

ProMaster Chroma Green Screen Backdrop
10x12 - $79 - in stock
10x20 - $109 - in stock

Promaster Backdrop Bungee - $10 each - in stock
Use a pair of these handy back drop bungees on the uprights of your background stand. Clip the sides of your backdrop to the bungee to snug it to the stand.