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Updated Mar 13/21


Power Tap Multi and Extension Cables


Rolux D-Tap Splitter RL-FB1 - $40 - in stock
Takes one D-Tap and splits it into 4. The coiled cable is about 16" long when coiled, 41" when stretched.

Shape SDSC D-Tap Splitter Cable - $50 - in stock
Four female D-TAP receptacles expand to accommodate 4 separate devices.

Lentequip D-Tap Splitter with SafeTap - $79 - in stock
4 way power splitter featuring a SafeTap input connector.  By using a PTap splitter with a SafeTap you get the benefits of overvoltage, overload, short circuit and deep discharge protection on the outputs along with a low voltage warning at 11 volts.  Cable length is 58cm or 23". Splitter image shown with optional SafeTaps installed. NOTE FROM LENTEQUIP:  Reverse polarity protection is only available to the outputs of the splitter.  If the splitter is plugged in correctly and you connect a "dumb" PTap backwards into the splitter, you can damage that accessory!  Reverse polarity protection only works when a SafeTap is installed on the cable directly powering that accessory.  It is highly recommended to install SafeTaps on all your accessories for maximum protection!

Anton Bauer Power Tap Multi - $90 - call to check
(8075-0013) Four female PowerTap receptacles expand from any Gold Mount PowerTap to power 4 separate devices.

Extension Cables

Anton Bauer PowerTap 7' Extension Cable - $75 - in stock
Need to power something off your power tap, and your cable isn't long enough? Here's the solution. PowerTap Male on one end, Female on the other. Cable is 7'/213 cm long.

Core PowerTap 3' Extension Cable - $65 - in stock

Lentequip SafeTap Connector - Reg $79 Sale $49 - limited stock
The SafeTap Connector from Lentequip is an active D-tap battery connector which features a built-in multi-colored LED indicator to provide feedback on reverse polarity, over/under voltage, and short-circuit conditions which can damage your battery or your attached equipment.